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ULUS Rental crane services, Ankara Ostim based the machine park, crane rental, hiyap, hiab, platform basket,hydraulic mobile crane, truck crane, telescopic crane rental, rental hiyap(hiab), rental folding boom mobile crane (hydraulic mobil crane) product groups crane rental service carries out.

About Our Company

The segments of Ulus Crane Ltd. Co. are; Building sector, Energy sector, Infrastructure-Superstructure Service, Industrial Region Service and Machine Sector. Since its foundation, contributing in various projects, Ulus Crane works for using its technical know-how, info and experience with the qualified stuff in the most convenient way.

Our company Mission

Qualitatively, Ulus Crane Ltd. Co. raises electric, GSM and satellite poles, mounts electrical transformers, transfers and carries construction iron and materials, mounts and transfers especially the industry machines ( turning lathes, CNC’s, printing machines and press, etc.) water pipe and drain pipes for infrastructure service, mounts and raises abutments, transfers ytong for building sector...

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ULUS VİNÇ Activating in Crane,hiyap,hiab,mobil crane rent,, sale and technical Support, Ulus Crane Ltd. Co., in order to meet the needs of industrial sector, regenerate itself, train the stuff and improve the vehicles consistently. Ulus Crane Ltd. Co. has been founded in 1976 by Ramazan Ulus and since then this noteworthy company has met the needs of thousands of people and organization in its own sector.